• Donnelly’s Spotlight

    Donnelly’s Spotlight

    Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge is a popular spot for avid fishermen and families from the U.S. Midwest longing for a Canada…

  • The Docks

    The Docks

    Donnelley's Minnitaki Lake Lodge. This is a place for those who crave fishing out of the ordinary, for those who…

  • Donnelly’s Camp

    Donnelly’s Camp

    Aerial view of our camp at Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge.

  • Wildlife


    Photos of the variety of wildlife we see in our area.

  • Southern Indiana Boys Outdoors

    Southern Indiana Boys Outdoors

    The Southern Indiana Boys Outdoors travel to Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge near Sioux Lookout in Ontario Canada. Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge is…

  • Minnitaki Lodge Family

    Minnitaki Lodge Family

    Donnelly's is proud to host our extended families through the generations.